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Pietro Calicchio


Pietro has a B.Proc, H. Dip. Company Law, H. Dip. Tax Law and an Advanced Diploma in Labour Law and was admitted as an Attorney of the High Court of South Africa in 1980.


Pietro initially practiced in a general law practice until his interest was piqued in commercial law. He joined AECI Limited as a Legal Adviser in the Chlor Alkali and Chemicals Division and the highlight of his career there was the establishment of the Soda Ash manufacturing facility in Botswana in which the Government of Botswana was a shareholder.  From 1991 to 2004, he was appointed Senior Counsel: BHPBilliton SA, in the Chrome Division.  During this period, he was involved in the negotiation and implementation of significant and substantial transactions including the establishment of the Columbus Stainless Steel Joint Venture; the establishment of four strategic joint ventures with Japanese and Korean customers; the establishment of Samancor’s International off-shore Marketing Structure in the Hague and in the defending of Anti-dumping actions bought in the European Union and in India


Pietro joined WCIS in 2014 and has an established a substantial and respected commercial law and commercial and income tax litigation practice. Pietro also provides in-house training and outsourced training on matters involving commercial law. Pietro holds attention to detail in high regard, and is meticulous in his practice. He is responsible for training the firm’s articled clerks in good law practice, file management and commercial law.


Pietro is currently involved in high level commercial structuring and negotiations of a multi-million US dollar Acquisition by a US entity of one of WCIS Attorneys’ South African clients.


Pietro’s interest areas and specialties include:


  • The establishment and negotiation of local and international joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions;

  • Commercial and Company Law;

  • Occupational health and safety law;

  • The commercialization of clients’ intellectual property rights;

  • South African and International Income Tax Law;

  • Compliance with the new Companies Act and with the King III recommendations;

  • SA and International Commercial, Income Tax Law;

  • Competition/Anti-Trust Law;

  • Occupational Health and Safety law.