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Gen joined WCIS in 2016 and is a specialist labour law practitioner, she also assists in the civil litigation department. She is a fierce litigant, and is known to defend her clients vigorously. Before joining WCIS Attorneys, Gen was a partner in a small firm, and regularly consulted to WCIS in respect of various labour law matters.

Gen's experience in labour law gives her a unique insight into the solutions that she provides her clients. She has several corporate retainer clients to whom she also provides ongoing Human Resources (HR) Management solutions. Her unique solutions ensure that her clients receive legally sound support in their businesses as and when they need it most. 

Gen’s interest areas and specialties include:

  • Drafting and negotiating employment contracts;

  • Chairing disciplinary hearings and drafting disciplinary notices

  • All aspects of the CCMA;

  • Labour and Labour Appeal Court;

  • Retrenchment;

  • Human Resources management solutions;

  • Restructuring of companies organisational roles and the roles of employees within the company;

  • Employment equity.

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