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Callyn joined WCIS 2016 and is an attorney, conveyancer and notary public. She is head of the conveyancing department at WCIS, and is known for her commitment to meticulous work, effective turnaround times, and fairness.


Callyn also boasts extensive experience in civil litigation and is known by both her clients, and her opponents as a fierce litigator. She is committed to providing upfront and honest advice to her clients, and believes ardently in efficiency, and cost effective legal solutions for her clients. Callyn is also the WCIS Attorneys’ Company Secretary.


Callyn’s interest areas and specialties include:


  • Property transfers

  • Mortgage bonds

  • notarial bonds

  • preparation and review of property related agreements

  • property disputes and litigation

  • commercial litigation

  • civil litigation

  • debt collection

  • dispute resolution

Callyn Datnow