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Incorporated as Witz, Calicchio, Iskaow & Shapiro Attorneys Inc. 


WCIS (Witz, Calicchio, Isakow & Shapiro Attorneys Inc) is based in Hyde Park, Johannesburg, South Africa, and was incorporated in 2012 as a startup law firm by Daniel Witz. WCIS has grown, year-on-year, to become the full service law firm it is today with a compliment of 7 partners each with a specialist approach to their area of practice. WCIS believes in changing client's perceptions of the legal industry and the manner in which law is practiced. 

At WCIS we pride ourselves on client-centric legal solutions that are both diverse and effective. We offer our clients a full service law firm experience to cater for all of their legal needs. In addition, we offer bespoke, tailor-made billing structures to our clients, and when it is possible, we bill on a project-fee rather than on a per-hour basis, to offer our clients peace of mind in respect of budgeting for their legal expenses.

WCIS believes in strategic partnerships with clients ensuring that any matter is dealt with in the very best way possible. Our unique approach to law allows us to forge strong, long-term relationships with our clients. WCIS is always seeking new business opportunities for clients and look to collaborate with them in order to help grow their business. 

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